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Inside Phuket Island – Why you need to visit this amazing island

Situated on the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, and a wonderful destination for those who love sightseeing and adventure. The island has a wide variety of landscapes, as well as famous sandy beaches, mangroves, caves, mountains, coral forests, forested hills, lagoons, low plains, lush tropical vegetation, and limestone cliffs.

Tourists from all around the world enjoy the island’s beautiful serene beaches, clear turquoise ocean, vast array of resorts, cultures, cuisines, wonderful Thai hospitality, and nightlife. It’s one unique destination where native Thais, tourists, and foreign expats blend harmoniously.

Moving around in Phuket10001458_310185332463298_1531979484_n

Long flights can drain a lot of your energy so make sure you decide which form of transport you want to use to get you to your hotel. You can use the municipal airport bus service, which will take you from the airport to town in just one hour. For your Thailand ferie you need to prepere for the best and expect the best.  Also, there are several local buses to take you to all major beach resorts, not to mention metered yellow taxis, which can take you to other locations quickly.

Top attractions in Phuket

Phuket is an Island with a rich Thai culture and history. One of the main attractions here is the Sino Portuguese architecture located along Thalang and Krabi roads, which gives tourists a glimpse of the island’s past. Also, the ancient streets of PhangNga and Rasada are not to be missed. If you love animals and nature, don’t to forget to tour the Tiger and Crocodile World, Monkey Hill, Thai Village and Phuket Orchid Garden. Phuket also boasts charming shrines and temples such as JuiTui Chinese Temple, Put Jaw Chinese Temple, WatPuttaMongkon, and Shrine of Serene Light.

thailand reiser

thailand reiser

As well as these delightful attractions, Phuket hosts several stunning beaches. The most popular and advanced one is Patong Beach. With its beautiful water and white sands, this beach is popular among couples, families, and single travelers in search of a lively vacation. With motor boats, sunbathers, jet skis, vendors and tourists engaged in a vast array of water sports, Patong Beach is anything but tranquil. For a much more relaxing vacation, enjoy the more tranquil Kalim Bay on the north. Other beautiful beaches in the north and south coast of the island include Cape Panwa, Relax Bay, Surin, Layan, and Bangtao.
Phuket’s shopping, dining and night clubs

The two largest malls in the island are Central Festival in Phuket town and Jungceylon in Patong. There you’ll find everything Thai-themed, such as dried seafood, cultured pearls, pewter ware, body ornaments and Thai clothing. The island offers more cosmopolitan food than local since there are many foreigners there. Nonetheless, there are many local delicacies and cuisines in restaurants located in the beach resorts and malls. Thai cuisine is mainly prepared with lots of choice herbs and spices found in the area. As for the nightlife, the bars and clubs in Patong Beach are the most visited and busiest. Another common attraction are the Go-go bars found in Phuket town.

With it’s rich Thai culture and history, breathtaking attractions, warm weather, wonderful Thai hospitality, unique cuisines and variety of cultures, Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Don’t miss out on this amazing vacation destination.


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10 Popular Destinations You Can Travel With Asia Package trips

Thailand reise

Thailand reise

There are wide varieties of option for you to enjoy Asia and the package trips will help you all the way. Every destination has their own beauty of nature and activities that would definitely give you an unforgettable travel experience.

Here are the twenty destinations you can travel in Asia, which you can avail in package trips:

  1. Bangkok – enjoy Thailand in traveling to Bangkok, they offer spicy goods, Thai massage, elephant traffic view to and any other tourist spot in Bangkok like the Wat Pho.
  1. Cebu Island – popular as trading port in 16th century, now it has been developed as the center of education and commerce. The nearby island and the Cebu Island itself offers wide variety of stunning beauty of nature for you to discover. You can either ride a ship or drive your way to tour in their southern part of cebu.
  1. Guangzhou – in Guangzhou China, you can eat Chinese meals and their delicacies that are cooked cat, anteaters and dogs which is usually found in Quingping. Don’t forget to shop in their tree-lined Island of Shaiman.
  1. Kuala Lumpur – travel to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and take a glance of their Twin Towers which is popular as world’s most tallest building. They also offer lots of historic view to tourist like Old Moorish-inspired railway station, the building of Sultan Abdul Samad and the Jamek Mosque in riverside.
  1. singapore-is-a-melting-pot-of-cultures-history-and-experiences-for-you-to-enjoy-on-your-asia-vacatioOsaka – popular place in Japan where you would love to spend your time by just eating and shopping. They also have popular attractions namely the Osaka castle, aquarium, floating garden and so much more.
  1. Singapore – people in Singapore is highly influenced with the mixed of Malaysia, India, England and China. It is considered as the center of culture and arts. They have advanced society and has four featured languages. Take a ride to see their Sentosa Island or explore their historical temples.
  1. Bali – the popular place in Indonesia which offers beaches, dive spots, jungles and more. Bali is such a wonderful place to relax and explore, so take your adventure and relaxation travel in Bali.
  1. Hue – the major attraction that you can find in Hue, Vietnam is their emperors tomb and can be found near “Perfume River”. Get to experience living like Vietnam people, take time to experience their local markets, eat spicy cuisines and spend some time to soak at their hot springs.
  1. Nha Trang – explore Nha Trang in Vietnam and make your vacation unforgettable. They have golden beaches where you can enjoy scuba diving, yachters and local cuisines that are rich in fresh pork and sea foods. They also have backpackers spot for those who want to do some outdoor activities, trekking and etc.
  1. Phuket – Phuket in Thailand is the largest Island that you can tour in Thai. They have sandy beaches, diving spots and the best is their tranquil lifestyle. Take a ride with their popular “tuk-tuks” which is a three wheeled vehicle and their long-tailed transport boats to explore different areas of their place that is waiting for you to be discovered.

You can now start making your list of activities and country to visit, these following destinations are just the beginning and the overview of each places, so if you up to adventure, exotic goods, historical culture, tour, activities, exploration and more. Then, you should start booking your desired destination in Asia package trips and see what Asia has to offer. Take your time to experience how locals live, their culture and experience to interact with their environment.

We reccomend to use a agecy for your reise til Thailand.